China-Grid Won The "National High-tech Enterprise" certificate

Company News      2019.08.02

On November 30, 2018, China-Grid Power Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province. Recently, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, and State Administration of Taxation Zhejiang Taxation Bureau jointly issued a “high-tech enterprise” certification for China Net Power.

The “high-tech enterprise” is recognized as a national-level high-tech qualification, and it is within the scope of the “high-tech field supported by the state” promulgated by the state to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, promote the adjustment of industrial institutions and enhance the economic competitiveness of the country. Promote the continuous development of R&D and technological achievements, form the core intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and establish a special qualification for the establishment of business management activities. This recognition has a very important strategic position in China's economic development. Governments at all levels attach great importance to high-tech enterprises, and the state and local governments have provided various preferential policies such as tax reduction, equity incentives, project land, financial insurance, science and technology plans, and export credits to promote knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive high-tech. The rapid development of enterprises and the creation of high taxes. The ability to win this award is a great affirmation of the government's achievements in technology research and development and product innovation of China Net Power.

The state's identification of high-tech enterprises is exceptionally strict. It requires enterprises to have core technologies, own independent intellectual property rights, products or services, and identify the proportion of scientific and technological talents in enterprises. China Net Power is a research and development, production and sales company. As one of the comprehensive professional electrical products R & D manufacturers, in order to meet the national identification requirements, the technical research in the field of intelligent equipment and industrial electrical equipment is huge, and constantly introduce professional and technical personnel, sophisticated technology, as of June 2019, China Net Power A total of 32 intellectual property rights have been obtained.

In the field of lifting electrical appliances, 17 patent certificates have been obtained. The electric hoist flashlights developed by the company have obtained the design patent certificate; the developed push-pull forced-displacement limit switches, the flashlight gates, the installation pedestals of the push-button switches in the electric hoist, and the limit Position switch, electric hoist flashlight door, new electric hoist flashlight switch, flashlight emergency stop button, flashlight door, limiter, driving button, button assembly, practical terminal block on the mounting base of push button switch in electric hoist, new type The pressure bar switch has won the utility model patent certificate.

15 projects in the field of building electrical appliances, research and development of household intelligent distribution protection, power switching circuit and automatic opening and closing circuit breaker, anti-shock module and its socket plug, leakage protector, power cut-off circuit and automatic points Closing intelligent circuit breaker, circuit breaker automatic reclosing device, power supply line protection circuit, overload-short circuit indication circuit, leakage protection circuit, leakage indication circuit, interlocking mechanism of reclosing device, automatic opening and closing transmission mechanism and one thereof The circuit breakers and automatic reclosing devices have obtained the invention and utility model patent certificates.

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